Biographical sketch

           Belonging to the generation that dominated the pictorial scene in Mexico during the last two decades of the twentieth century, Georgina Quintana (Mexico City 1956) has developed her creative expression through a hybrid between her painting proposal, her drawing and her visual reflection of time elapsed.

           Interested in the order of the universe and how humans invent and build, Quintana has created a vocabulary in which botanic and animal nature, philosophical thought, scientific knowledge and references, relate to their own history which remind nineteenth-century images.
Explorer of structures, both natural and cognitive, the artist investigates the natural and cultural order through a delicate and detailed drawing that expands pictorially in illuminate action.

           The artist is the creator of a personal iconography that intertwines ancient precision tools, sculptures of female characters from the mexican colony, olden drawing styles of natural history documents, and direct, personal interpretations of nature. Georgina Quintana is characterized by a subtle aesthetic that expands from the small format work of art, to the mural and to the art object.

           Quintana has gone through an eclectic interdisciplinary training in different countries covering literature, visual arts and Eastern philosophy. She has frequently been awarded by different cultural organisms in Mexico. She was awarded as a Member of the National System of Art Creators (2000-2007)  by the National Fund for Culture and the Arts of Mexico (FONCA).

           Present in numerous shows both in art galleries and public museums, her work is present in important museums, and in private, and corporate collections.